The Economic Commission (EC) of Iraq; the restoration of the Iraqi dinar will continue after the necessary measures have been taken by the monetary policy to fetch up to (1166) dinars to the dollar. The EC said that "monetary policy of Iraq and of Central Bank has taken necessary measures to return the dinar so that it can equal one U.S. dollar.

The continued increase in the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar would lead to significant economic growth. Furthermore, raising the value of the currency first and then delete zeros will have a significant economic impact locally and internationally.

That implementation of the this project will contribute greatly to maintaining the Iraqi funds and value of the currency in the global market." The President of the Association of Banks in Iraq: There are ongoing negotiations between Iraqi banks and other International banks that will be entering the financial market. This will also push the Iraqi dinar into the international limelight The UN Mission in Iraq, stated that relations between Iraq and Kuwait is experiencing an upswing, and preparations are underway to discuss bilateral issues to the exit Iraq from all the provisions attached to UN sanction-Chapter VII.

Everyone is jumping on the band wagon, don't be left out. You have international U.S. law firms entering post-war Iraq, these new offices provide a significant source of information in this increasingly important emerging market. Its possible that you may have heard someone's negative opinion about dinars. But thats all it is, an opinion.

Here are the facts and don't miss out on the "Gold Rush of the 21st Century." Follow us in Facebook: Iraq Dinares Mind you, there are no banks in Puerto Rico that sell or buy the Iraqi Dinar, but in the U.S.A., yes. You have quite a few banks who do indeed buy and sell the Iraqi Dinar, which is regulated by US Department of Treasury, FinCEN-IRS. James Mendez

Fuente: Caribbean Business | THURSDAY, MAY 3, 2012